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Spring Meeting 2015: Teacher Leadership in Action

Date: February 12, 2015

Summary: On this episode of NWP Radio, we previewed plans for the 2015 NWP Spring Meeting in Washington, DC, March 25–27, which included a focus on how teachers in the NWP network embody leadership in their classrooms and schools, and through their professional learning collaborations and partnerships.


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Richard Argys, director of the Denver Writing Project, on teacher leadership: there a problem in your school you might solve? Is there something that's bothering your students? Do you have a problem with, for example, ELL students succeeding in mainstream courses—or whatever the case may be—and just give them some examples, some support, some scaffolding, some advice, and see what they can do. We've found repeatedly at our site, that getting good people and getting some good advice and letting them do as they will, leads often to really good things."

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