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Collaborative Sharing of Poetry in a Box

Date: April 9, 2015

Summary: Co-directors and teacher-consultants from the Columbus Area Writing Project discuss their work with the Children's Poetry StoryBox Project. Working alongside former children's poet laureate, J. Patrick Lewis, Kevin Cordi, a co-director for the Columbus Area Writing Project, shares what happened when primarily elementary-age students and their teachers were provided a collection of unfinished poems by famous children poets and asked to finish writing them.


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Mary Buchholz from the Greater Madison Writing Project on the value of the StoryBox Project:

If students don't experience poetry, then how can they interpret poetry? And if students don't participate, then they're not engaged and engagement is critical to student learning. So if we can engage them in poetry and if we can engage them by sharing poetry from published authors and engage them with theses mentor authors, what a wonderful, wonderful gift we give them."

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