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A Conversation with National Student Poets

Date: April 30, 2015

Summary: Each year, five National Student Poets are chosen from a pool of outstanding writers, grades 9-11, who have received a national Scholastic Art & Writing Award for poetry. In this episode we celebrate National Poetry Month with a conversation and some poetry reading with the 2015 National Student Poets.


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Julia Falkner , a student poet and senior at Monarch High School in Louisville, Colorado, on why poetry should be taught in schools:

Poetry explores life through a totally different lens than other literature and fiction and it's important to get the diversity when you're teaching an English class—or any kind of class. Poetry has taught me about myself more intimately than any other form of literature, so I think that the emotional aspect of poetry, and poetry's ability to connect to people and change their lives, is really the main reason why we should focus on poetry education."

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