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CLMOOC: A Collaborative Learning Experience for the Summer

Date: June 11, 2015

Summary: The National Writing Project is joined by educators who engaged in previous CLMOOCs to discuss and reflect on their journeys in making, remaking, remixing, hacking, and playing and how they've used these tools as resources in their teaching practice and in their personal lives.


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Ben Koch , an English teacher at The Adelson Educational Campus and a co-facilitator of the Southern Nevada Writing Project's invitational summer institute, comments on participating in CLMOOC:

CLMOOC created these opportunities for me to try different things in a really low threshold environment and then you get all these connections and reflections and it just inevitably just churns up all these other great ideas and connections. It's very flexible in terms of whether you want it to work in your professional life, with colleagues, your classroom with your kids, or your family at home."

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