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Reimagining Learning in Libraries and Museums: The YOUmedia Learning Lab Network

Date: July 9, 2015

Summary: On this show, we spoke to guests from the St. Paul Public Library, the Science Museum of Virginia, and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston about the YOUmedia Network and how it has changed staff and teen learning in their spaces.


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Marika Staloch , a youth services coordinator at the Saint Paul Public Library, discusses how her institute has changed as a result of having develop the space, CREATECH:

It wasn't about feeding a bunch of technology to the kids; it was about creating spaces with mentors in them where the kids would feel welcome and that is a very different model [from what] libraries, at least in Saint Paul, have been operating in the past. This has really changed how we've done things at the Saint Paul Public Library. As opposed to having huge programs that we spend money on and get a fair attendance, we are creating spaces for our teens and putting most of our money and time and resources into those spaces and making sure that teens have an ongoing place they can hang out."

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