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Creating a Culture of Argument Writing in Your Classroom

Date: September 10, 2015

Summary: A broad panel of teacher-leaders from NWP's College-Ready Writers Program talked about how they integrate regular—often informal—opportunities for their middle and high school students to practice reading and writing skills that build capacity and stamina for writing arguments.


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Beth Rimer , co-director of the Ohio Writing Project, on creating a culture of argument:

We became really interested in the kinds of conversations students were having outside of the classroom or the ones they walked into the classrooms having. We all love story and everything that came with it, but we realized there was a lot of passion around what was going on in their world and they had a lot of opinions about that. We started wondering what that looked like, to create a culture of arguers. Have them do the kinds of things arguers do: consider multiple sides, figure out why they really think something, or follow a line of reasoning past their initial opinion."

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