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Beyond Shushing: Reimagining the Educator's Role in Libraries and Museums

Date: January 14, 2016

Summary: YOUmedia Learning Labs Network's K-Fai Steele hosts this episode of NWP Radio which focuses on its Mentor Model. She is joined by three guests who discuss how the model has affected delivery of services and changed staffing at their institutions.


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Daniel Demarse —Teen Library Associate, Chicago Public Library:

Originally a library or museum would be about what we have and a patron coming in specifically for something there—a mentor is different. I'm not just showing them something in the collection, I'm taking their learning and their trajectory from what they're interested in and showing them where they can go...At the base level a mentor will facilitate workshops, but in those workshops they get to know student interests, dreams and goals, and future prospects. We use the word 'pathways' to describe the different ways students can develop in YOUmedia, and maybe that pathway leads to college, but there may be other options for them as well that they can develop and learn from."

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