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Central Arizona Writing Project's Young Adult Writing Program Impresses

Publication: Raising Arizona Kids
Date: June 1, 2016

Summary: The CAWP's summer writing camp, held on the campus of Arizona State University, helps students explore the possibilities of writing beyond school with introduction to new genres and high quality instruction and coaching.


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The program unfolds like some of the best, high-quality adult writing workshops I've attended—a happy mix of good planning and organization; worthwhile information; dynamic professional leadership; responsive, respectful personal interactions; and a comfortable, collaborative atmosphere that elicits participation, focus and creativity.[...]

The camp's lessons are real world, grownup writers' seminar-type training, presented simply, with a bit of fun. The participants get to experiment with multiple genres, literary forms and tools, and story structure models, as well as finding out about ways to earn a living using writing skills.

This is huge, because many book-loving kids who want to write lose interest or actively avoid writing when their teachers are not able to help them to expand their knowledge beyond standard school writing forms, or if inexpert instructors are critical of their efforts to do so."

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