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Research Writing Rewired

Date: June 9, 2016

Summary: How can teachers integrate inquiry-based research approaches with digital reading and writing in the classroom? This is the question that Dawn Reed and Troy Hicks explore in their 2016 book, Research Writing Rewired: Lessons that Ground Students' Digital Learning. We talked with the authors about strategies, lessons, tools, and principles for supporting connected learning in the English Language Arts classroom.


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Dawn Reed —high school English teacher and co-director of the Red Cedar Writing Project:

So we started with big ideas and questions that related to a variety of texts that we could explore together, and then ultimately so we can move students into more individual reading experiences on their own, that were also based around the idea that they would be asking questions and digging into the reading and doing close reading related to questions they were curious about.

So we sort of framed the unit looking at the role of culture, and looking at our individual local cultures, looking at American culture and world and global culture, and what are aspects of culture that are worthy of analysis in order to understand our world better."

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