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Intersections: Powering Science Learning Through Partnerships

Date: June 23, 2016

Summary: Writing Project directors, classroom teachers, and museum educators talk about the power of partnering formal and informal educators to think together about teaching and learning at the intersections of science and literacy.


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Mariah Romaninsky—Senior Manager of STEM Programs at The Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University:

Our program is called Game On Philadelphia, and it is an out-of-school time enrichment program designed to challenge middle school youth to create science-themed games that have a literacy backing based on their experiences that they have when they come to the Academy, which is a natural history museum to learn about the specimens, the fossils, and the live animals that they have there.

We created a program that broke down games, and what games mean, and how students are actually the experts at games, but we put a little science twist to it.

[T]he students interact and present the games that they created, iterated, hacked, play-tested, and worked their hardest on for an entire spring semester, to thousands of people in the Philadelphia area on the riverfront."

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