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What's in the Air? Themes and Topics of NWP's 2016 Annual Meeting

Date: September 22, 2016

Summary: NWP staff discuss what's in the air this fall, covering topics like writing in response to this year's presidential campaign, writing arguments in school and out, writing in times of violence, and the power and promise of the poetic voice, and discussing what to expect at the 2016 NWP Annual Meeting.


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Rachel Bear on one of the featured strands of this year's NWP Annual Meeting: the resources of the College-Ready Writers Program as a lifeline for teachers, and the experience of one particular teacher facing a heavy workload and a brand new class:

She posted in the G+ [community] and said 'Today as I sit down and think about planning for this new course I am so excited about CRWP because I feel like it's just the thing I need to make this work for me and to make this course work and in fact tomorrow I'm starting with writing just to jump-start with these new students.' And so, what I think is really exciting is that these are things that are providing to teachers to really enhance the curriculum that they already teach, and it's genuine inquiry for them to think about 'okay, what do I teach, what do my students need, and how can I use these rich resources around source-based argument to enhance what I already teach."

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