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Connected Learning in Action: Letters to the Next President 2.0

Date: October 27, 2016

Summary: Leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election, youth from across the country published their opinions at Letters to the Next President 2.0, sharing their thoughts on the issues and topics that matter to them most. Listen as we talk with teacher-leaders from several Writing Project sites about the ways they engaged with this project and what they learned about supporting this kind of civic participation and connected learning in their contexts.


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Rachel Roberson, of KQED Education:

One of the things that I've heard about and seen in action is how powerful it's been for youth writers and educators to have a chance to publish their ideas and, also, at the same time have a chance to read what other teens around the country are thinking. I talked to a teacher from the delta region of Louisiana, and her students, she was mentioning, are almost as excited to see what other teens are writing about as they were about publishing their own letters. Letters to the Next President was a way to engage in the election, but it also was a way for her students, in a pretty small rural community, to engage with their peers across the country. And this is yet another important aspect of this project, and it's significant in a way that I wasn't expecting.[...] Young people are eager to make their voices heard, and they're just as eager to share with each other, and see what others care about."

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