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The Pond in Room 318: A Conversation with Kip Zegers

Date: November 10, 2016

Summary: NWP director of national programs, Tanya Baker, talks with NWP Writers Council member Kip Zegers about his new poetry collection The Pond in Room 318, as well as the role that poetry plays in his life and his teaching.


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Kip Zegers on the relationship between his poetry and his teaching:

I was trying to write an essay about this, and I came up with this phrase that I really like: 'the writing writes the teacher, the poem writes the teacher.' And the poems I could write in the 80s when I was a new teacher were more individual portraits and the poems I'm writing now see teaching in a much more complicated way, and that actually writing the poems, as much as working with the kids, has made me the person that I am. And if we keep at it, the poems we write create us, and our perceptions of the kids and the world get richer."

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