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NWP Radio—Personal Narrative Revised: An Interview with Bronwyn LaMay

Date: February 9, 2017

Summary: Listen as we talk with Bronwyn LaMay, author of the recently published book Personal Narrative, Revised: Writing Love and Agency in the High School Classroom. LaMay, a high school English teacher, is interested in transforming classrooms and schools into places where youth can explore the intersection between literacy and their lives. The conversation focuses on young people and their relationship to school, literacy, and learning.


Excerpt from Show

Bronwyn LaMay on the origins of her research:

There was a phenomenon that I had started trying to explore in the classroom around student self-narrative, emotional blocks I felt kids were hitting in the classroom, and also the role of writing in helping them find ways of writing themselves in the classroom, that I was really trying to put into words."

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