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NWP Radio—Working on #techquity

Date: February 23, 2017

Summary: Since coining the term "techquity" and related hashtag, Joe Dillon from the Denver Writing Project, along with a number of other colleagues, has been using it to imagine ways to overcome issues of inequity in rapidly changing environments. As he wrote in a 2014 blog post, "We need to dig deeper into ways of leveraging technology's potential for learning, while remaining critical and mindful of #techquity issues." We discuss this important and ongoing conversation; find out how colleagues have been engaging around issues of #techquity, in and across a range of spaces and communities; and learn about the resources they have created along the way.


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Nicole Mirra , director of the West Texas Writing Project, on the narratives that surround young people and educational technology:

I was really troubled by the idea that when young people use technology the way adults want them to, they're considered 21st-century learners. But when they start to actually take agency and to use technology to explore the wider world, they're immediately castigated...I think equity is not just about access to a device, but thinking about what happens once we get the device in the hands of young people, what do they actually get to use them for, what possibilities do we give them, and how do we treat them as learners and young citizens."

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