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NWP Radio—Situating Sources: Fake News, Facts, Perspectives

Date: March 9, 2017

Summary: Given the multitude of information flowing through social media, news websites, television, radio, and print media, young people (and adults!) benefit from tools and strategies to situate stories. All information comes from sources; all information has perspectives. Arguments, to be generous, fair, and truly persuasive, need to characterize the uses of their sources, and understand them deeply. Listen as Tom Fox, Casey Olsen, and Linda Denstaedt from the College-Ready Writers Program discuss these issues.


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Casey Olsen , teacher-consultant and member of the CRWP leadership team:

Our responsibility as teachers of source-based argument writing is to help students curate their sources of information, to actively control the flow of that information to include multiple perspectives surrounding the issues they encounter, and to acknowledge that all perspectives have uses and limits, and that we as informed literate citizens must actively assess the uses and limits of those perspectives."

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Duration: 38 minutes

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