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From Dusty Boxes to Display Cases: An Update on the NWP Archives Project

Date: April 20, 2017

Summary: In 2014, in partnership with The Bancroft Library at the University of California Berkeley, we launched the NWP Archives Project to ensure preservation and accessibility of NWP organizational records, publications, and resources, including more than 100 oral history interviews from founding Writing Project site directors, scholars, teacher-leaders, and funders. Hear about the archives' grand opening and learn a little NWP history from NWP leaders past and present.


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Mary Ann Smith, former director of the Bay Area Writing Project and former NWP Director of Government Relations and Public Affairs, on the first Summer Institute:

I think I was also motivated to give my best to this experiment because I thought it was so gutsy. I had talked a lot to Jim Gray about this idea for the institute, but until I walked into that room in Tolman Hall I just couldn't imagine the power of bringing teachers to UC Berkeley to do something for our profession and for each other and for our students. We often say it was just electrifying....[Teachers] certainly weren't looked to or listened to for what they could contribute to improving education, and I think the Writing Project started and had a lot to do with changing that."

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