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Choice and Agency in the Writing Workshop: A Conversation with Fred Hamel

Date: June 8, 2017

Summary: Fred Hamel, author of Choice and Agency in the Writing Workshop: Developing Engaged Writers, Grades 4-6, joins NWP Radio to talk about why upper elementary children need ways to become literate as kids, not merely as prototypes of adults or teenagers.


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Fred Hamel on the benefits of allowing children to pursue alternative forms of composition:

I would say to educators that the visuals that Carla and Ricky and Martin were composing in the classroom that serve these variety of purposes to really help them acquire a writing identity, the visuals were a huge source, a kind of groundwork for them to be meaning makers. And I think that's the piece they needed—they needed to shape a meaning world that they could have access to. And if they're not feeling confident immediately writing the two-page narrative in double-spaced writing, and doing that alphabetically with all the complexities of that kind of composition, they needed a way to sustain a kind of meaningfulness, and the images, the pictures often became that."

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