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The National Afterschool Matters Fellowship

Date: June 22, 2017

Summary: The NASM Fellowship engages professionals in the out-of-school time field in a process of leadership development where they learn to reflect on, study, improve, and assess their work with a view toward improving its quality and impact. Listen to this conversation with fellows about their self-selected research topics.


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Mike Waters on the benefits of taking time to do research as an education professional:

Doing research and targeting it and then taking that data and actually applying it—it was a great experience that helped me focus on ideas that I had that I was never really able to concretely put down on paper or put into a thought process to focus all of it into a topic that I think I've been able to really get a handle on and move forward with, and get a grasp on how we want to keep it moving forward so it just doesn't end after these two years."

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Duration: 40 minutes

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