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(Re)marking on Equity and Education with Marginal Syllabus

Date: August 31, 2017

Summary: A collaborative and emergent attempt to create a new sociotechnical genre of educator professional development, the Marginal Syllabus leverages the web annotation platform Hypothesis, adding multiple voices to critical conversations about equity and education. In this episode, hear from Marginal Syllabus organizers, including educators from Colorado working in the Aurora Public School District, about what was learned during the first year of annotation and learning in the margins. Our guests also discuss plans for a collaborative syllabus with the National Writing Project for the 2017-18 school year.


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Remi Kalir, Assistant Professor of Information and Learning Technologies at the University of Colorado Denver:

I want to invite listeners to join conversations that in some ways are still ongoing, from this past academic year. We had conversations about curriculum co-design—how do educators and students design rich learning opportunities together—we had conversations about critical literacy education, and about the business of educational technology, and culturally responsive pedagogy, and narrative, and writing of truth, really rich discussion. Because the layer of public annotation is made available and persists, right now, as someone is listening to this podcast, you could go and find on our summary document any one of these nine conversations, and not only access the text, but access the layer of conversation, and read how others responded, read how those readers responded to the author and perhaps how an author responded to them. And that's where...this idea of marginality really goes from an interesting conceptual idea to a really practical exercise in expression and in writing, because in web annotation the idea of who is the author changes."

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