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2016 Donors: Investing in the National Writing Project

Date: Fall 2017

Summary: The individual contributions reflected here were made between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016. We sincerely regret any errors or omissions on this list of contributors. To make corrections, please email us at or call 510.643.1742.



826 National National Science Foundation
Assessment for Learning Project New Venture Fund
The Robert Bowne Foundation The New York Community Trust
Ernst & Young The Rural School and Community Trust
Glasslabs/Collective Shift Social Impact Fund
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Spencer Foundation
William & Flora Hewlett Foundation Tides Center
Institute for Museum and Library Services U.S. Department of Education
Literacy Design Collaborative   Investing in Innovation
The John D. & Catherine T.    Validation Grants (i3)
  MacArthur Foundation    Scale Up (i3)
Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation   Supporting Effective Educator
National Endowment for the Arts    Development Grant (SEED)
National Park Service



Anonymous (5) George Haley Sondra Perl
Judith Adamson Mary Ann Hartshorn Damon Petite
Joye and Marty Alberts Peter Haun Kathleen Riley
Paul Allison Anne Herrington Sarha Robbins
Richard Argys Kevin Hodgson Kelly Sassi
Tanya Baker Dave Hoverman Mary Sawyer
Jori Beck Bob Jobin Ellen Shelton
Janelle Bence Michael and Cindy Kane William Teale
Elizabeth Bogatin-Starr Peggy Kaplan Holly Singh
Barbara Boyle Stormy King Rita Sorrentino
JP Brewer Peter Kittle James Stapleton
Margaret Brewer Ann Krooth Ann Steinmetz
Wendy Brown Margaret Langhans Richard Sterling
Judy Buchanan Kimberly Lanza Sherry Swain
Christina Cantrill Lucas Lawrence-Hurt Patrick and Charlene
Alexina Chong Cheryl Lynn Lovegreen   Sweeney
Dorothy Cole Jonathan Lovell Valerie Taylor
Brian Conant Susan Lytle William Teale
Shannon Cummings John Maeda Diane Waff
Linda Denstaedt Jabari Mahiri Kate Walley
Tim Dewar Jayne Marlink Vince Wang
Joyce DiGiannantoni Michel Mathis Judith Warren Little
Abigail Donahue Marilyn McKinney Lori Webster
Geoffrey Douillard Joel McLemore Katie Wheeler
Elyse Eidman-Aadahl Tom Meyer Scott Widmeyer
Bob Fecho Carol Minner Marcie Wolfe
Pat Fox Miriam Neidhardt Brian Wong and
Susan Freundlich Carolyn Newell   Scott Thomas Hofmeister
Linda Friedrich Gail Offen Brown Diane Wood
Liana Gamber-Thompson Carol Olson
Caroline Griswold Edward Osterman



The contributions listed here represent gifts made to NWP in honor of individuals and groups. Honorees are indicated in bold type, with the donor's name below.

Joye Alberts Nathan Matias
  Linda Denstaedt   John Maeda
Dr. Charles E. Robinson Tim McIntyre
  Anonymous   Holly Singh
Jennifer Dail Charlie Moran
  Sarah Robbins   Anne Herrington
Elyse Eidman-Aadahl Renee Webster
  Susan Freundlich    Lori Webster
Helen Gamber-Thompson Jeff Wilhelm
Wesley Gamber-Thompson   Tanya Baker
  Liana Gamber-Thompson Philadelphia Writing Project
Anne Gere   Susan Lytle
  Kelly Sassi
James Gray
  Jonathan Lovell

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