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Student LGBTQ+ Advocacy Campaign Inspired by Greater Madison Writing Project Summer Writing Camp

Publication: Our Lives Madison
Date: March 1, 2018

Summary: High school student Zoe Wyse's #IFeelSaferWhen campaign, conceived and started at the Greater Madison Writing Project's "Rise Up and Write" youth summer writing camp, sparks conversations about the little things that make people feel safer.


Excerpt from Article:

My initial idea for the campaign was that people would take a button for themself, but also give one to someone else, and then post a picture of the button and an #IFeelSaferWhen message on social media. These small actions would help spark a conversation about safety, while offering up suggestions for people to implement.

While most of my Rise Up & Write peers moved on from their campaigns, I stuck with mine. I wrote an op-ed in The Capital Times, addressing the issue and importance of safety, and explained how my campaign could help initiate needed change. I wrote to influential LGBTQ+ YouTubers, asking if they could give it a shoutout on their channels or social media. In the simple, seemingly insignificant button campaign assignment, I had found a seed to grow with the potential for something amazing."

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