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Unpacking the NWP Social Practices Framework: Going Public with Our Practice

Date: January 25, 2018

Summary: This is the second in a six-part series discussing a set of social practices embedded in NWP-style teacher leadership. This episode, which examines the practice of going public with our practice, looks at various ways that teachers can share their teaching practices with one another for purposes of learning, growing, and leading in the profession.


Excerpt from the Show

Mitch Nobis, teacher and Red Cedar Writing Project co-director, on his first experience with the teaching demonstration, a staple of NWP summer institutes:

It opened a floodgate for me in a sense, in sharing my practice, because I did play to a friendly room, I was as terrified as anybody is, and then you get lots of nice feedback on your teaching, and then you realize, oh this is a way to get better at my craft quickly, it's like steroids or something for pedagogy, you get that quick feedback and analysis and ways of thinking about your practice, and then for me that led to seeking it out in different places."


  • Bob Fecho, professor at Columbia Teachers College and former NWP teacher-consultant
  • Mitch Nobis, teacher and Red Cedar Writing Project co-director
  • Rachel Bear, Senior Program Specialist, NWP

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