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Going High: Reawakening Hope Through Education

Date: April 5, 2018

Summary: We speak with organizers and participants of the upcoming NCTE Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning Annual Summer Conference, this year focusing on Learning to Go High: Re-Awakening Hope through Education. We discuss what to expect at the conference and talk about what Writing Project teachers and teams can do to deliberately generate hope in their own schools and communities.


Excerpt from Show

Abby Michelini introduces the concept of "rhetorical listening":

We have this ability to listen to each other that we don't teach in school—we teach reading, writing, and speaking, but not listening. If we teach listening there is a possibility that we can communicate better across difference, so instead of having to come to the conclusion that we have something in order to talk....We can say `it's okay that we're very different and I still want to hear what you have to say.'"

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  • Bruce Novak, educator, author, and long time leader in the NCTE Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning
  • Kathleen Blake Yancey, Professor of English at Florida State Universtiy and former NCTE president
  • Paula Mathieu, Associate Professor of English at Boston College, scholar of communtiy-based writing and writing activism
  • Vajra Watson, Director of Research and Policy for Equity at UC Davis and founder of Sacramento Area Youth Speaks
  • Abigail Michelini, Lecturer and Assistant Director of the Writing and Multiliteracy Center at CSU Channel Islands

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