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#StayinTeaching Team Presents at NWP Spring Meeting

Publication: University of Arkansas: News
Date: May 23, 2018

Summary: A group of teachers from the Northwest Arkansas Writing Project presented on #StayinTeaching, an initiative which aims to keep early-career teachers in the profession with mentoring and support. The initiative is part of the Building New Pathways to Leadership project.


Excerpt from Article:

The need for authentic mentoring was also identified as important for early-career teachers. The study found that mentoring can grow and extend from networking experiences. Further, the study found that effective mentoring is authentic, relationship-based, and not focused on fulfilling mandated, prescriptive requirements.

To begin meeting these needs, the #StayinTeaching project created events that targeted early-career teachers. These included virtual events that were quick and accessible, using venues that early-career teachers were predisposed to such as Google Hangouts, Twitter chats, Facebook, and podcasts. But, more traditional meetings were included as well, because early-career teacher also described a need for face-to-face interactions. In a variety of ways, the #StayinTeaching project addressed needs identified through their study."

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