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Students Connect With Nature and Curiosity in Central Arizona Writing Project Young Adult Writing Program

Publication: ASU Now
Date: June 8, 2018

Summary: Writing and science intersect as students connect through writing to sustainability, conservation, and their local environment.


Excerpt from Article:

'The idea is to inspire a feeling of wonder in kids when it comes to the outdoors,' said Kelly Hedberg, program instructor and founder of Dig It! Outdoors, an after-school gardening program that specializes in garden-based education for children, adults and educators in Arizona schools, community and public settings.​

'In school we don't really learn about nature,' said Jackson Sitchler, 10, who attends Ward Traditional Academy in Tempe. But he was clearly enjoying himself at YAWP — an anthropomorphized onion he drew to illustrate a writing assignment sparked dozens of questions from other kids wanting to know things like, Do onions have genders?"

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