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Lincoln veterans use writing workshop as a medium for expression, therapy

Publication: Lincoln Journal Star
Date: September 14, 2019

Summary: A group of veterans is cloistered in a small meeting room in the VA clinic just off 70th Street early Saturday morning to write. One writes poems about the life of a marine. One writes about his spiritual journey in Vietnam. One writes about a monster that dissolves into a pile of purple goo. That's just a sample of the work that comes from those who attended Nebraska Warrior Writers, a writing workshop for veterans and active-duty personnel. The workshop, hosted by Humanities Nebraska, the Nebraska Writing Project and the Veterans Administration, allows participants to write in whatever genre they choose, whether it be related to their military experience or not. The program has grown each year since its launch in 2014 — it began with only six members, but now also includes sessions in Grand Island and Omaha.


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