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By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 7, No. 5
Date: November-December 2002

Summary: Find out about your colleagues' latest articles, books, and awards.


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Southern Arizona Writing Project
Ken Vorndran, 2001 fellow, had "Invitations: An English Teacher Discovers the Real Heart of His Courses" published in Hope (September/October 2002).

Danusia Workiewycz, 2000 fellow, was accepted as a teacher-scholar to the National Holocaust Project and spent a week in Washington, D.C. Workiewycz teaches English at University High School in Tucson.


Little Rock Writing Project
Rich Raymond, director, received a Fulbright Scholarship to travel to the University of Shkodra, Albania, where he will teach literature and writing pedagogy in the American Studies program.


Great Valley Writing Project
The site published Over Our Shoulders and Into Our Classrooms (August 2002), a K-12 collection of best-practice narratives from teacher-consultants, edited by Alane Roubal Vaughn, 1992 fellow. The publication was compiled at the site's 2001 advanced institute, which was facilitated by Vaughn and funded by a California Writing Project minigrant.

Inland Area Writing Project
Elizabeth Bennett, 2001 fellow, had two poems, "Saving" and "The Feast of the Assumption," and two nonfiction pieces, "The Red Tights" and "The Button Jar," published in the Pomona Valley Review 1 (1) (Cal Poly, September 2002). Bennett teaches at Upland High School in Upland.

Marilyn Cram Donahue, 2001 fellow, had "Your Emerging Voice" published in California English 8 (2) (November/December 2002).

Cyndi Furr, 1999 fellow, had her poem "Forgiven" accepted for publication in the anthology A Moment to Remember (Pen Pushers, January 2003). Furr teaches at Palm Desert High School in Palm Desert.

Richard D. Hartwell, 1999 fellow, had an article, "Do Educators Need to Invent Each New Wheel?" and a poem, "I Admonish Myself To Be Pithy" accepted for publication by California English 8 (3) (February 2003). Hartwell teaches at Vista Verde Middle School in Moreno Valley.

Kern/Eastern Sierra Writing Project
Kerry Wallace and Lisa Polk, 2001 fellows, both received the Constance McCollough Thesis Award by the California Reading Association. Polk's thesis is entitled "Go for STARS!: A High School Literacy Intervention Curriculum Model," and Wallace's thesis is entitled "An Investigation of Teacher Gender Knowledge and Its Relationship to Equitable Classroom Libraries."

Northern California Writing Project
Kathy Thomas, 2000 fellow, had "Wild and Unruly Sonnets—Western Style" published in California English (September 2002).

South Coast Writing Project
Jon Margerum Leys, 1994 fellow, received the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) 2002 Dissertation of the Year Award for "Teacher Knowledge of Educational Technology: A Case Study of Student Teacher/Mentor Teacher Pairs." As a result, Margerum Leys and his advisor Ronald W. Marx also had his dissertation published in the Journal of Educational Computing Research 26 (4): 427-462 (Manchester, New Hampshire: 2002, in press).

Judith Robinson, 1988 fellow, was awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities grant. This past summer, Robinson attended a seminar on the history and literature of the Great Plains at North Dakota State University.


Connecticut Writing Project at Fairfield
Bill McCarthy, co-director, published "Kayaking the Norwalk Islands" in Sea Kayaker 19 (5) (November/December 2002).


Delaware Writing Project
Sharon Crossen, 1999 fellow, was named 2002-2003 Teacher of the Year by the Polytech School District. Crossen also received a State Association Award at the 2002 State Art Education Awards.

Sherry Geesaman, 2001 fellow, was named Teacher of the Year for 2002 at Hanby Middle School in Wilmington.

The Viking Ventures newspaper, advised by Aleta Thompson, 2000 fellow, received the Best in Show Award at the Delaware State Fair's Annual High School Newspaper Contest. Thompson teaches at Cape Henlopen High School in Lewes.

District of Columbia

District of Columbia Area Writing Project
Geraldine Meredith, 1999 fellow, performed with her group, A Cloud of Witnesses, at the 2002 Annual Black Family Reunion held on the Mall in Washington, D.C., on September 7 and 8. As a result of her performance, Meredith was invited to collaborate with Dr. Dorothy Height, chair and president emeritus of the National Council of Negro Women, on a December project.

Abdullah A. Zaki II, 2002 fellow, won the NCTE Leadership Development Award supported by the National Council of English and Prentice Hall-Pearson Education. Zaki also received $500 to attend the National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.


National Writing Project at Florida Gulf Coast University
Patricia Wachholz and Lois Christensen, directors, received grant funding for their project, "Constructing Knowledge Together: Implications of Teacher Action-Research as a Professional Development Model." The grant will support 12 writing project teachers in designing and conducting a classroom research project in a one-year pilot study.


Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project
Sarah Robbins, director, had an article, "Thinking and Writing Ethnographically for Annual Reviews and Promotion and Tenure Portfolios," published in Composition, Pedagogy, and the Scholarship of Teaching, edited by Deborah Minter and Amy Goodburn (Heinemann, August 2002).


Hawai`i Writing Project
Georgia Goeas, 1980 fellow, received a $25,000 Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award. Goeas teaches English at Konawaena Middle School on the Big Island.

Colette Higgins, 1997 fellow, received a Francis Davis Award for Excellence in Teaching from the University of Hawai`i System. Higgins teaches history at Kapi`olani Community College.

Claire McCaffery Griffin, 1986 fellow, had an editorial entitled "It's Crucial to Inspire Voting Habits in Children" published in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. McCaffery Griffin teaches history at Sacred Hearts Academy.

Clifford Lee, 1986 fellow, was honored as one of Hawai`i's finalists for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Lee teaches second grade at Iolani School.

Trina Nahm-Mijo, 2000 fellow, was selected to participate in the Fullbright-Freeman Summer Seminar in Thailand and Burma this summer. Nahm-Mijo teaches psychology and dance at Hawai`i Community College.

Joan Perkins, 1997 fellow, had an article entitled "Requiring Revision, Juggling the Work Load" published in The WAC (Writing Across the Curriculum) Casebook: Scenes for Faculty Reflection and Program Development, edited by Chris Anson (Oxford, 2002). Perkins is currently an editor with Pacific Resources for English Learning.

Fern Tomisato, 1988 fellow, received the Hale Aina Educator of the Year Award from Honolulu Magazine. Tomisato teaches at Leeward Community College.


Illinois State Writing Project
Janice Neuleib, director; Claire Lamonica, co-director; and Ron Fortune had an article, "A Teacher Exchange That Changed Teachers," published in Teaching Writing in High School and College: Conversations and Collaborations, edited by Thomas C. Thompson, director of the Lowcountry Writing Project (Urbana IL: NCTE, July 2002).


Indiana Teachers of Writing WP (ITWWP)
Kevin McNulty, 1999 fellow, had his article, "Fostering the Student-Centered Classroom Online," published in the February 2002 edition of T.H.E. Journal (Technological Horizons in Education Journal). McNulty teaches at Penn High School in Mishawaka. View the article at


National Writing Project of Acadiana
Cathy Kiffe, 2002 fellow, participated in a project entitled "American Frontiers: A Public Lands Journey," sponsored by National Geographic. Kiffe traveled with her team, entirely on public lands, from the Mexican border west of Las Cruces, New Mexico, towards Salt Lake City, Utah, for National Public Lands Day on September 28, 2002. View her daily journal at

Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project
Barbara Robinson, 1994 fellow, published Exceptional Middle School Writing (Teacher Press, December 2002). Also, Robinson and her students had their stories published in 911: The Day America Cried (Obadiah Press, September 2002). Robinson's story is entitled "911: A Cry for Tolerance."


Maryland Writing Project
Anne Agee, 1983 fellow, and John Zenelis published "Technology Across the Curriculum: Information Literacy and Information Technology Fluency" in Technology Everywhere: A Campus Agenda for Educating and Managing Workers in the Digital Age, Educause Leadership Series, Volume 6, edited by Brian L. Hawkins, Julie A. Rudy, Brian H. Hawkins, and William H. Wallace, Jr. (Jossey-Bass, June 2002).

Evan Balkan, 1999 fellow, had the short story "The Homecoming Court" published in the e-zine, EWGPresents. Balkan also had the essay "New York" published in September Eleven: Maryland Voices, edited by Rus VanWestervelt (Baltimore Writers' Alliance, 2002).

Barbara Bass, director, had her essay "Making the News in a Philadelphia Park" featured in the Travel section of The Baltimore Sun (September 9, 2002).


Boston Writing Project
Joseph Check, director, has published Politics, Language, and Culture: A Critical Look at Urban School Reform (Praeger, October 2002).

Western Massachusetts Writing Project
Anne Herrington and Charles Moran, director, had their article "Evaluating Academic Hypertexts" published in Teaching Writing with Computers: An Introduction, edited by Pamela Takayoshi and Brian Huot (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2002.

Charles Moran, director, coedited Writing With Elbow with Pat Belanoff, Sheryl Fontaine, and Marcia Dickson (Logan, UT: Utah State UP, 2002).

Director Charles Moran and co-directors Diana Callahan, Mary-Ann DeVita Palmieri, and Bruce Penniman coauthored "Crossing Levels: The Dynamics of K-16 Teachers' Collaboration" in Teaching Writing in High School and College: Conversations and Collaborations, edited by Thomas C. Thompson (Urbana, IL: NCTE, July 2002).


Oakland (MI) Writing Project
Linda Denstaedt, co-director, and Richard Swartout had "Developing Writers and Writing Lives: Putting Theory into Practice," published in Publishing with Students: A Comprehensive Guide, edited by Chris Weber (Heinemann, January 2002).

Red Cedar Writing Project
Leah Zuidema, 1997 fellow, and Nancy Tucker coauthored "You've Got Priority Mail: `The Single Most Valuable Activity of Our Semester'" in Teaching Writing in High School and College: Conversations and Collaborations, edited by Thomas C. Thompson (Urbana, IL: NCTE, July 2002).


Prairie Lands Writing Project
Donna Jean Boyer, 1991 fellow, is St. Joseph's new deputy mayor. Boyer will return to teach half-time during 2002-2003 at St. Joseph's Benton High School.

Jane Frick, director, coauthored "Reflections on the Missouri Colloquium on Writing Assessment Surveys, 1989-2001: A New Composition Delivery Paradigm," which was published in The Journal of the Conference on College Composition and Communication 53 (4) (NCTE, June 2002). Frick is an English professor at Missouri Western State College.

Diane Goold, 1998 fellow, was appointed to serve on Parade Magazine's Newspaper in Education (NIE) Advisory Board. Goold is one of nine members selected from over 350 NIE directors throughout the country.

Kathy Miller, 2001 fellow, published "Teaching Writing with Children's Picture Books" in the Arizona English Bulletin (spring 2002). Miller is an English teacher at Fort Osage High School in Independence.

Laura Nelson, 1991 fellow, is the new secondary language arts coordinator for the St. Joseph School District. Nelson will oversee the implementation of the district's new secondary language arts curriculum during 2002-2003, which she was instrumental in developing last year. Nelson will continue to teach English on a half-time basis at Central High School.

Tracie Peters, 2002 fellow, accepted a new position as the principal of Mid-Buchanan R-V Elementary School in Faucett.

Keith Rhodes, 2000 fellow, coauthored "The Power of `DePositioning,' Narrative Strategies in Stories of Stopping," which appears in the spring 2002 issue of WPA: Journal of the Council of Writing Program Administrators. Rhodes is English professor at Missouri Western State College.

Deborah Sisco, 1996 fellow, received a $1,500 Apple Seed Foundation Grant which will allow students at her school to create their mural, "The Heart and Soul of America," depicting major events from American history. Sisco is director of St. Joseph School District's Building Bridges Alternative School.

Kimberly Warren, 2001 fellow, received the 2002 Woman in the Workplace Award at the St. Joseph Young Women's Christian Association's (YWCA's) Annual Women of Excellence Awards luncheon in June for her vision and commitment in developing successful community education enrichment programs, GED classes, and an after-school program for at-risk children at the MidCity Center. Warren is the founder and director of St. Joseph's MidCity Excellence Community Learning Center.

New Jersey

National Writing Project at Rutgers University
Michael W. Smith, director, and Bill Connolly, co-director, coauthored "Teachers and Students Talk about Talk: Class Discussions and the Way It Should Be" in the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy 46: 16-29 (International Reading Association, September 2002).

Michael W. Smith, director, and George Hillocks, Jr. coauthored "Grammar and Literacy Learning," published in Handbook of Research on Teaching the English Language Arts, Second Edition, edited by James Flood, Diane Lapp, and James Squire, (NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum).

New York

Hudson Valley Writing Project
Bonnie Kaplan, co-director, received the Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching from the School of Education at the State University of New York at New Paltz.

North Carolina

Capital Area Writing Project at NCSU
Ruie Pritchard, director, and Jon Marshall received a Distinguished Paper Award from the Eastern Education Research Association for their paper on district-led professional development and the effects on student writing. In addition, Pritchard and Marshall had their article "Professional Development in `Healthy' vs. `Unhealthy' Districts: Top 10 Characteristics Based on Research" published in School Leadership and Management 22 (2) (2002). Based on the same research, Pritchard and Marshall also had the article "Do NWP Teachers Make a Difference?" published in The Quarterly of the National Writing Project 24 (3) (summer 2002).


Oklahoma State University Writing Project
Toni Pantier, 1994 fellow, was named one of the finalists for Oklahoma State Teacher of the Year. Pantier teaches at Mid-Del Academic Center in Midwest City.

Oklahoma Writing Project
Martha E. Rhynes, 1985 fellow, published I, Too, Sing America: The Story of Langston Hughes (Morgan Reynolds, 2002). The biography covers Hughes' boyhood in Kansas, family ties, world travels, political affiliations, and Harlem Renaissance connections.


Oregon Writing Project at Willamette University
Stephen Jones, co-director, had a poem, "Searching a Mutilated World," published in the summer 2002 issue of the Manzanita Review 4 (4). Jones also had a short story entitled "Traveling the Circle of Twenty Apes" accepted for publication in Quickfiction (fall 2002).


Philadelphia Writing Project
Shirley Brown, 1988 fellow, had her review of Listening Up: Reinventing Ourselves as Teachers and Students, by Rachel Martin, published in The Quarterly of the National Writing Project 24 (3) (summer 2002).

Jose Manuel Nevarro, 2002 fellow, published Creating Tropical Yankees: Social Science Textbooks and U.S. Ideological Control in Puerto Rico, 1898-1908 (Rutledge, May 2002).

Marci Resnick, former director, is now a National Writing Project associate director. Resnick's office is in the NWP east coast headquarters in Philadelphia.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Writing Project
Susan Ozbek, 1988 fellow, was named Teacher of the Year for the town of Scituate and is currently being considered for Teacher of the Year for the state of Rhode Island.

South Carolina

Lowcountry Writing Project
Thomas C. Thompson, director, edited Teaching Writing in High School and College: Conversations and Collaborations (Urbana IL: NCTE, July 2002).

Swamp Fox Writing Project
Gail Hayes, 1999 fellow, was named 2002-2003 Teacher of the Year at South Florence High School in Florence.


Greater Houston Area Writing Project
Jorge Luis Arredondo, 2002 fellow, edited East End Stories (Write Together Publisher, June 2001).

Margaret Hill, director; Paula Griffith, co-director; Yvette Scholl, 1999 fellow; Sue Christy; and Nancy Votteler, co-director, had their article "Stolen Lives/Found Opportunities" published in Voices from the Middle 10 (1) (NCTE, September 2002). Griffith also received the Exemplary Teacher for Texas Award from the Texas State Reading Association.

JoAn Martin, 2001 fellow, published Yankee Girl (Xlibris Corp, February 2002).

Sheila Newell, 2002 fellow, received the Bilingual Educator of Texas Award from the Texas Association for Bilingual Educators.

Leigh Van Horn, 2002 fellow, published Creating Literacy Communities in the Middle School (Norwood, MA: Christopher Gordon, February 2002). Also, Van Horn and Teri Lesesne, 1984 fellow, both have regular columns in Voices from the Middle (NCTE).


Milwaukee Writing Project
James Vopat, director, and Pete Leki published In and Out of School: Family-School Partnerships in Math and Science (Stenhouse Publishers, 2002).

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