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Heard on the Street

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 8, No. 1
Date: January-February 2003

Summary: Participants answer the question "What do you find is the best aspect of attending the National Writing Project annual Meeting?"


The Voice's question: What do you find is the best aspect of attending the National Writing Project 2002 Annual Meeting? 

"One of the nicest things is seeing old friends, renewing old friendships, getting fresh ideas. As a high school teacher, you don't get many opportunities to get this kind of interaction."

Dan Holt
Third Coast Writing Project, Michigan

"Rich conversation, sharing of ideas . . . every time I come to the annual meeting, I get something new."

Judith Kelly, Director
District of Columbia Area Writing Project, Washington, D.C.

"This year in particular, it was the general session. Teachers writing about their writing journeys is a very relevant thing."

Dana Dusbiber
Area 3 Writing Project, California

"Inspiration. It's very hard to work without inspiration, but the annual meeting is always a good shot of inspiration. It's enough to keep you going."

Judith Baker
Boston Writing Project, Massachusetts

"The technology session was the best thing. By sitting down with people face to face, I was able to work through some questions in regard to website coordination."

Michelle Hayes
Peachtree Urban Writing Project, Georgia

"The greatest thing about attending the annual meeting is the knowledge you gain. I think you take back what you learn to the staff you left behind."

Josie Bourdon
Alaska State Writing Consortium

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