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Awards and Accolades

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 8, No. 1
Date: January-February 2003


Southern Arizona Writing Project

Lynn Cuffari, 2002 fellow, published "A Little Pizza Italy in Tucson" in Tucson Lifestyle (October 2002).

Five teacher-consultants received awards from the Arizona English Teachers Association (AETA) "Teachers as Writers" Contest. Kinsey McKinney, 2002 fellow, won the third-place short story award for "Little One in Ceremony." Danusia Workiewycz, 2000 fellow, won the first-place short story award for "Florinda Foster." Lynn Cuffari, 2002 fellow, won the first-place nonfiction prose award for "To Write Is to Paint Is to Write." Judyth A. Willis, 2002 fellow, won for the second-place nonfiction award for "Traveling Light." Coby Goesling, 2002 fellow, won the third-place nonfiction prose award for "Bellyache." The writing project site won the AETA Teachers as Writers trophy for 2002-2003.


Central Arkansas Writing Project

Lisa Mongno, co-director, had her essay "Gates and Fences" published in A Rough Sort of Beauty: Reflections on the Natural Heritage of Arkansas, edited by Dana Steward (University of Arkansas Press, September 2002).

Patricia Oeste, 2002 fellow, won a $2,500 award from the Plan a Dream contest sponsored by Creative Classroom to create an opera for children, written by children. Oeste is a music teacher at Ida Burns Elementary in Conway.

Northwest Arkansas Writing Project
Samuel Totten, director, published two books, Pioneers of Genocide Studies (Rutgers, NJ: Transaction Publishers, 2002) and Remembering the Past, Educating for the Present and the Future: Personal and Pedagogical Stories of Holocaust Educators (Westport, CT: Praeger, 2002).


Central Los Angeles Writing Project
Carolyn Frank, director, had "Mapping Our Stories: Teachers' Reflections on Themselves as Writers" published in Language Arts 80 (3):19-29.

Northern California Writing Project
Kim Jaxon, 2001 fellow, had "Creating a Connected Space: Mentoring in the Zone of Proximal Development" published in Teaching Writing in High School and College: Conversations and Collaborations, edited by Thomas C. Thompson (NCTE, July 2002)

Rochelle Ramay, 1986 fellow, received the Teacher of the Year Award for Tehama County.

San Diego Area Writing Project
Kim Douillard, co-director, had "Going Past Done: Creating Time for Reflection in the Classroom" published in Language Arts 80 (2). Douillard and Jan Hamilton, 1997 fellow, were keynote speakers at the Second Quebec Conference on Teacher Research last spring. Douillard, Hamilton, and Danan McNamara, 1999 fellow, received the James Moffett Award, presented at the NCTE Convention in Atlanta. They have also been invited to present at the Teacher as Researcher Special Interest Group at the upcoming American Educational Research Association Convention.

South Coast Writing Project
Annette Cordero, 1994 fellow, was honored by the Santa Barbara Hispanic Achievement Council for her professional work in education and for more than 20 years of involvement in Latino politics and social justice causes in Santa Barbara County.

Maria Fránquiz, 1993 fellow, received an Excellence in Service Award from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Fránquiz was also elected chair of the National Council of Teachers of English Cultivating New Voices Among Scholars of Color Program for 2002-2004. Fránquiz coauthored a book review of When Discourses Collide: An Ethnography of Migrant Children at Home and in School in International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education 15 (1): 114-117. Fránquiz also had "Caring Literacy and Identity Struggles: The Transformation of a Chicano Student" published in Making a Difference in the Lives of Bilingual/Bicultural Children, edited by Lourdes Soto (Peter Lang, April 2002). Fránquiz is now an associate professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Vickie Gill, 2001 fellow, had her book The Eleven Commandments of Good Teaching, Second Edition, translated into Thai (Corwin Press, April 2001).

Valerie Hobbs, 1981 fellow, published her fourth novel, Sonny's War (Frances Foster Books, September 2002).

Kathryn Howell Anders, 1999 fellow, was selected to be an educational ambassador by the US-Eurasia Awards for Excellence in Teaching Program 2002. Howell Anders traveled to the Russian Federation where she lived and worked with teachers in October.

Jon Margerum-Leys, 1994 fellow, with his coauthor Ronald W. Marx, had "Teacher Knowledge of Educational Technology: A Study of Student Teacher/Mentor Teacher Pairs" published in Journal of Educational Computing Research 26 (4): 427-462. The article will be reprinted in What Should Teachers Know about Technology, edited by Yong Zhao, in 2003 (Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing).

Susan McCormick, 1999 fellow, was presented with a $500 grant from Lee Canter and Associates at Staffordshire University, England.

Mindy Ann Mofatt, 2001 fellow, had "An Editing Strategy" published in California English.

Amada Perez, 1998 fellow, published her second book, My Diary from Here to There/Mi Diario De Aqui Hasta Alla (Children's Book Press, 2002).

Lou Spaventa, 2001 fellow, coauthored Mosaic 1 Grammar, 4th edition with Patricia Werner (McGraw-Hill, 2002).

Christine M. Steigelman, 2001 fellow, was named Site Based Teacher of the Month for founding and developing the Family Stories Writing Institute at Manzanita Elementary School in Newbury Park.


Denver Writing Project

Douglas Joyce, 2001 fellow, had "On the Use of Metawriting to Learn Grammar and Mechanics" published in the fall 2002 issue of The Quarterly of the National Writing Project 24 (4).


Connecticut Writing Project—Fairfield
Faye Gage, director, and Robert Wilson, co-director, edited an anthology entitled Startle Us Anew, which contains the poetry and prose of 34 teacher-consultants from the writing project site (Connecticut Writing Project—Fairfield, June 2002). The following fellows contributed to the anthology: Andrea Abbott, 1995; Mark S. Ayers, 1999; Tara Bandman; 2001; Lou Barrett, 1993; Sophie Bell, 1995; J.Calvin Burwell, 1997; Justine V. Case, 1999; Susanne M. Conklin, 1998; Jami deSantis, 2001; Kate Dickstein, 1988; Janice Garvey, 1988; Alan Kuras, 1998; Maryann Lennon, 1993; Penny Liu, 1986; Janet MacKenzie, 1988; Celeste Markle, 1986; Diana Martinez, 1999; Mike McAteer, 1998; William McCarthy, 1985; Linda Miller, 1987; Sondra Olivieri, 2001; Susan Pascucci, 1985; Jack Powers, 1986; Noreen Rogers, 1994; Ann Rousseau, 1986; Del Shortliffe 1986; Darcy Smith, 2001; Mary Smith, 1999; Elisa M. Smul, 1999; Leona Trinin, 1987; David Walker, 1997; Robert C. Wilson, 1987; and Jane Stewart Wollmar, 1994.

Mike McAteer, 1999 fellow, was profiled as an outstanding educator in the fall 2002 issue of Fairfield Now, the alumni magazine of Fairfield University. McAteer teaches English and journalism at New Canaan High School in New Canaan.

District of Columbia

District of Columbia Area Writing Project

Azalie Hightower, 1995 fellow, was selected to participate as an advisor for the Maryland Public Television series "To Write"— an eight-part television series on professional development for ninth through twelfth grade teachers.


Jaxwrite Writing Project
Mary Baron, director, and Denise Rambach, co-director, presented two sessions on "High School College Collaboration" at the Florida Council of Teachers of English (FCTE) Annual Meeting in October. Baron and Rambach also had an essay entitled "Getting Out of the Way" published in Teaching Writing in High School and College: Conversations and Collaborations, edited by Thomas C. Thompson (NCTE, July 2002). Rambach also was named Teacher of the Year at First Coast High School in Jacksonville.

Shawn Kight, 2002 fellow, was elected to the board of FCTE at their annual meeting in Orlando.


Georgia Southern Writing Project

Mildred Pate, 2001 fellow, had two chapters published in Writing for College: Georgia English and Writing Exams, edited by Linda Arthur and Hubert Pulley (Kendall Hunt, June 2002).


Hawai`i Writing Project
Lorey Ishihara, 1995 fellow, is a finalist for the Richard T. Farrell Teacher of Merit Award given to a teacher for outstanding success in teaching history. Ishihara was recognized at National History Day for her dedication to the program and her success at improving history education. Ishihara teaches at Kahuku High in Kahuku.

Annette Nishikawa, 1981 fellow, received the MetLife/National Association of Secondary Principals Award. Nishikawa teaches at Kapolei Middle School in Kapolei.

Roberta Zarbaugh, 1998 fellow, was named Teacher of the Year by the Hawai`i State Department of Education. Zarbaugh teaches at Kapaa Middle School in Kapaa.

The following fellows had pieces of writing published in the spring 2002 issue of Bamboo Ridge—Journal of Hawai`i Literature and Arts. Mavis Hara, 1983 fellow, published a short story, "E David." Juliet Kono Lee, 1991 fellow, also published a short story, "Anniversary." Beryl Young, 1992 fellow, published two poems, "When I Should Die" and "Inside the Red Pincushion." Hara teaches at Kapi`olani Community College, and Lee teaches at Leeward Community College.


Illinois State Writing Project
Janice Neuleib, director; Claire Lamonica, co-director; and Ron Fortune had "A Teacher Exchange That Changed Teachers" published in Teaching Writing in High School and College: Conversations and Collaborations, edited by Thomas C. Thompson (NCTE, July 2002).


Indiana Teachers of Writing Writing Project
Herb Budden, co-director; Mary B. Nicolini, co-director; Stephen L. Fox, director; and Stuart Greene had "What We Talk about When We Talk about College Writing" published in Teaching Writing in High School and College: Conversations and Collaborations, edited by Thomas C. Thompson (NCTE, July 2002).

Northwest Indiana Writing Project
Tim Mathew, 1998 fellow, published his first novel, The Big Cookie (Gray House Publishing, September 2001).


Flint Hills Writing Project
Todd Goodson, director, is the incoming editor of the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, published by the International Reading Association.


Western Kentucky University Writing Project

Darryl Dockery, 2000 fellow, was named the Kentucky Music Educators Association's High School Music Teacher of the Year for the third district of Kentucky. Dockery was also nominated for the Kentucky Music Education Association's State Music Teacher of the Year.

Patrice McCrary, 2000 fellow, was named Kentucky Teacher of the Year as well as Kentucky Elementary Teacher of the Year. McCrary was given $10,000 by Ashland Oil, Inc., and the Kentucky Department of Education will provide her with a professional development opportunity of her choosing. McCrary teaches kindergarten at Cumberland Trace Elementary School in Bowling Green.


Louisiana State University Writing Project
The following awards were given at the Louisiana State University Writing Project Convocation on June 3, 2002.

Mary Beth Anderson, 1995 fellow, received the Faye Hutchinson Award, which is given to a teacher-consultant who demonstrates commitment and dedication to writing and the teaching of writing and who is recognized as a leader in the writing project. Anderson is teacher at Mimosa Park Elementary School in St. Charles Parish.

Angela Lange, 2000 fellow, received the David England Teacher-Researcher Award, which is given to a teacher-consultant who will conduct research on some aspect of reading or writing in the classroom. Lange will study the affects of reader's workshop on high school students' reading comprehension and reading attitudes. Lange is a language arts teacher at Destrehan High School in St. Charles Parish.


Maryland Writing Project
Barbara Bass, director, and Jennifer Goulston, 2002 fellow, were interviewed on a local TV morning talk show on November 7, 2002, about the effect of the Harry Potter series on children's reading and writing.


Central Massachusetts Writing Project

Susan Roney-O'Brien, 2002 fellow, was selected the New England Association of Teachers of English (NEATE) Poet of the Year on October 18, 2002. Roney-O'Brien entered five poems; "At Prayer," "Visit," "September 13," "Suspension," and "Hands," which were susbequently published in Poetry by the Finalists (NEATE, 2002).

Western Massachusetts Writing Project
Diana Callahan, co-director; Charles Moran, director; Mary-Ann DeVita Palmieri and Bruce M. Penniman, co-directors, had "Crossing Levels: The Dynamics of K-16 Teachers' Collaboration" published in Teaching Writing in High School and College: Conversations and Collaborations, edited by Thomas C. Thompson (NCTE, July 2002).


Eastern Michigan Writing Project
Rebecca Sipe, co-director, coauthored Strategies for Writers, a text series for grades K-8 (Zaner-Bloser, 2003).

Red Cedar Writing Project
Diana Mitchell, co-director, published Children's Literature: An Invitation to the World (Allyn Bacon Longman, November 2002).

Alyssa Rickard, 2000 fellow, had "Experiencing the Internship from the Inside: An Intern's Perspective" published in Forging Alliances in Community and Thought (Research in Professional School Development), edited by Irma N. Guadarrama (Information Age Publishing, July 2002).

Third Coast Writing Project
Ellen Brinkley, director, received the Charles Carpenter Fries Award at the Michigan Council of Teachers of English in October. The award recognizes long and faithful service to the profession of English teaching, distinguished leadership in the community at the state and national level, inspirational qualities for students and colleagues, originality, and academic superiority.


MSU Writing/Thinking Project

Linda Kilian, 2002 fellow, wrote a play entitled "Aaronville Dawning," which will premiere January 22-March 2, 2003 as part of the Vesta Festival of the Southern Writers' Project. The one-woman play takes the audience to a small town in Mississippi. While preparing funeral food for Beasley, her friend of more than 50 years, Lemy Babin Caldwell dishes the dirt on the sinners and the saints of Aaronville while keeping her own secret. Kilian teaches in the Jackson Public School District.

New York

Western New York Writing Project

Suzanne Borowicz, 1998 fellow, had her poem "Shaman" published in The Shadows Imprint: Poetic Reflections on Death, edited by Kevin McCabe and Karen Lewis (Blarney Stone Books, November 2002).


Pennsylvania Writing and Literature Project
Mary Buckelew, associate director; Judy Jester and Diane Dougherty, co-directors, presented a workshop entitled "Visualizing Our World: Art and the Language Arts" at the National Council of Teachers of English 2002 Conference in Atlanta.

Rita DiCarne, 2000 fellow, had "Capturing the Power of Poetry" published in the January-February 2002 issue of Today's Catholic Teacher Magazine 35 (4).

Lynne Dorfman, co-director, and Rose Cappelli, 1996 fellow, presented a workshop entitled "Practical Mini-Lessons for the Domains of Writing K-6" at the Keystone State Reading Association Conference in October.

Linda Kerschner, 1998 fellow, had "Teaching World Literature: Preparing Global Citizens" published in the May 2002 issue of English Journal.

Sue Mowery, 1989 fellow, presented the 2002 Literacy Award at the Keystone State Reading Association Conference in October. This annual award honors the person or organization active in promoting literacy in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia Writing Project
Annette Sample, 1997 fellow, was recognized in Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 7th Edition, 2002, Volume II (Educational Communications, October 2002). Sample serves as a facilitator for many of the writing project site's continuity and inservice programs.

South Carolina

Swamp Fox Writing Project
Gail Hayes, 1999 fellow, was named Teacher of the Year for South Florence High School and Florence County District One. Hayes is also being considered for state teacher of the year.

South Dakota

Dakota Writing Project

Denise Nelson, 1999 fellow, was a featured artist at the 2002 Sidewalk Arts Festival in Sioux Falls. Nelson teaches at Memorial Middle School in Sioux Falls.


West Tennessee Writing Project

Paula Cox, associate director, was one of two Tennessee recipients of the Milken Educator Award for 2002. Cox was also named K-4 Teacher of the Year for Northwest Tennessee. Cox is now a fifth grade teacher at Briarwood School in Camden.

Ginny Franklin, 2002 fellow, was named Teacher of the Year at South Fulton Elementary in South Fulton.

Betty Hicks, 2000 fellow, was named Teacher of the Year at Finley School in Finley, where she teaches fifth grade.


Puget Sound Writing Project

Susan Starbuck, 1998 fellow, read from her new book, Hazel Wolf: Fighting the Establishment, at Seattle's Elliott Bay Book Company (University of Washington Press, July 2002). This book is a biography about the nationally known environmentalist, active in social causes until her death at the age of 101.

John Webster, director, received the Department of English Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award at the University of Washington, and presented on "The Most Important Thing(s) I Teach" at a forum for alumni and friends of the department in October 2002.

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