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Awards and Accolades

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 8, No. 3
Date: May-June 2003

Summary: Find out about your colleagues' latest articles, books, and awards.


Little Rock Writing Project

Richard Raymond, director, published "Rhetoricizing English Studies: Students' Ways of Reading Oleanna" in the winter 2003 issue of Pedagogy 3 (1): 53-71 (Duke University).

Stacie Thompson, 2001 fellow, was named Co-Teacher of the Year at Cloverdale Magnet Middle School in Little Rock.

Northwest Arkansas Writing Project
Helen Eaton, 1998 fellow, was appointed to the Arkansas Benchmark in Writing Task Force. Eaton teaches fourth grade at Holcomb Elementary School in Fayetteville.

Samuel Totten, director, published "Completing the Paradigm Shift to Process Writing: The Need to Lead" in the winter 2003 issue of The Quarterly of the National Writing Project 25 (1).

District of Columbia
District of Columbia Area Writing Project

Judith M. Kelly, director, was recently elected associate chair of the Conference on English Leadership of National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

Lohengrin (Gwen) Nix, 1996 fellow, was appointed to the Montgomery County Advisory Council for Career and Technology Education
in Maryland.

Georgia Southern Writing Project

Alisa Daniel, co-director, was awarded Teacher of the Year at the Georgia Council of Teachers of English Conference in February. Daniel teaches at Screven County Elementary School in Sylvania.

Hawai`i Writing Project

Sue Fujitani, 1995 fellow, received an Excellence in Teaching Award from the Hawai`i Association of Language Teachers for her Chinese Language and Chinese Literature in Translation courses at Kapi`olani Community College.

Joy Marsella, past director, received the Aloha State Council of the International Reading Association's Celebrate Literacy Award. Marsella teaches in the English Department at the University of Hawai`i, Manoa.

Appleseed Writing Project

Glenda Moss, associate director, coauthored "Students in the Middle: Using Portfolios with Students in Grades 6, 7, 8" in Literacy Portfolios: Improving Assessment, Teaching and Learning, edited by Judith Cohen and Roberta Wiener (Merrill Prentice Hall, 2003). Moss also had "Critical Pedagogy: Translation for Education That is Multicultural" published in Annual Editions: Multicultural Education 03/04, edited by Fred Schultz (McGraw-Hill/Dushkin, 2002). As well, Moss coauthored a book review of Globalization and National Identities: Crisis or Opportunity?, edited by Paul Kennedy and Catherine J. Danks, published in The Social Science Journal 40: 161-163. Moss also had "Our (Resegregated) Town" published in Narratives 7 (1): 21-24. In addition, Moss had "The Five-Paragraph Theme: Does It Prepare Students for College?" published in the summer 2002 issue of The Quarterly of the National Writing Project 24 (3): 23-25, 38. Lastly, Moss coauthored "Reflective Practitioner Preparation: In the Wake of 21st Century Terrorism" in Current Issues in Education, an online journal at Moss is assistant professor of secondary education at Indiana University–Purdue University, Fort Wayne.

Indiana Teachers of Writing Writing Project (ITWWP)
Mary Malloy, 1997 fellow, received a Teacher Creativity Grant from the Lilly Foundation. Malloy will live a writer's life on the coast of Maine for a month in the summer of 2003. Malloy teaches creative writing at Penn High School in Mishawaka.

Morehead Writing Project

Liz Mandrell, 1994 fellow, was awarded the 2003 Al Smith Artist Fellowship by the Kentucky Arts Council for her short story collection, The Secret Lives of Teachers.

Maryland Writing Project

Linda DeLa Ysla, 1994 fellow, published her short story, "Floyd," in the fall 2002 issue of Love and Trouble, The Plymouth Writers Group Literary Anthology of Teachers' Writings (NH: The Plymouth Writers Group).

Beth Edelstein, 2000 fellow, was appointed editor of the writing project's site newsletter.

Robyn Jackson, 1994 fellow, received National Board certification.

Western Massachusetts Writing Project

Sara Just, 2002 fellow, was a finalist in the New England Association of Teachers of English 2002 Poet of the Year contest.

Crossroads Writing Project

Marla K. Houghteling, 2002 fellow, received an Artserve Michigan Creative Artist Grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs. Houghteling will receive $8,000 to support the writing of a novel.

Delta Area Writing Project

Mary Hardy, co-director, was named the 2002-2003 Teacher of the Year for the Greenville Public School District. Hardy teaches at Carrie Stern Enhancement School in Greenville.

New York
New York City Writing Project

Amanda Gulla, 1990 fellow, had a chapter, "Poetic Moments in the Classroom: Poetry as a Tool for Teacher Research and Professional Development," published in Teacher Inquiry: Living the Research in Everyday Practice, edited by Anthony Clarke and Gaalen Erickson (Routledge Falmer, 2003).

Western New York Writing Project
Jeanette Willert, director, had "Substance Use in Schools," coauthored with Kristin Finn and Michele Marable, published in Educational Leadership 60 (6). Willert also had "Tackling School Violence DOES Take the Whole Village" published in The Educational Forum 67 (2).

National Writing Project at Kent State University

David Bruce, 1997 fellow, is the new co-director of the National Writing Project at Kent State. Bruce is an assistant professor in the Department of Teaching, Leadership, and Curriculum Studies at Kent State University.

Anthony Manna, one of two directors, published Folktales from Greece: A Treasury of Delights with coauthors Soula Mitakidou and Melpomeni Kanatsouli (Libraries Unlimited/Greenwood Press, 2002).

Darla Wagner, co-director, was nominated as the Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (OCTELA) representative to serve on the Governor's Teacher Advisory Board.

Michele Winship, 2002 fellow, and Allison Baer, 1997 fellow, were both awarded Educator of the Year by OCTELA. Winship was recognized at the college level, and Baer was recognized at the middle school level.

Oklahoma Writing Project

Ruth Loeffler, 1980 fellow, received the Medal for Excellence in Teaching at the Secondary Level and $7,500 from the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence. Loeffler teaches at Norman High School in Norman.

Martha Rhynes, 1985 fellow, published Gwendolyn Brooks: Poet from Chicago (Morgan Reynolds, 2003), a biography about the Pulitzer Prize winner. Rhynes also published The Secret of the Pack Rat's Nest (1stBooks Library, 2002).

Oregon Writing Project at the University of Oregon

An article about the writing project site, "Beyond the Red Pen: Oregon Writing Project Trains Teachers to Teach Writing" appeared in the spring 2003 issue of the Oregon Quarterly, the alumni magazine of the University of Oregon.

Andrea Hummel, 1988 fellow, won first place in The Register-Guard's Annual Holiday Fiction Contest 2002 for her short story, "Welcome Home" (published December 22, 2002). Hummel recently retired from teaching high school creative writing and journalism.

Capital Area Writing Project

Kathleen Jones, co-director; Jennifer Tobin, 2001 fellow; and Denise Stewart, 2002 fellow, earned the writing instruction specialist certificate from a cooperative certificate program sponsored by the writing project site and Penn State-Capital College.

Pennsylvania Writing and Literature Project
Mary Buckelew, associate director, had "The Value of Art in the English Classroom: Imagination, Making the Tacit Visible," published in the English Journal 92 (5).

Beth Butts and Sandy Connelly, 2001 fellows, both received Honorable Mention in the Writer's Digest 71st Annual Writing Competition. Connelly's "A Prayer Passed Down" was recognized in the inspirational category, and Butts's "Who Cares?" won for feature article.

Andrea Fishman, director, had "Becoming Literate: A Lesson from the Amish" published in Writing and Community Action: A Service-Learning Rhetoric with Readings by Thomas Deans (Addison Wesley Longman, 2003). Fishman also had "Reading, Writing, and Reality: A Cultural Coming to Terms" published in College Reading Research and Practice: Articles from the Journal of College Literacy and Learning edited by Eric Paulson, Michaeline Laine, Shirley Biggs, and Terry Bullock (International Reading Association, 2003).

South Dakota
Dakota Writing Project

The Vermillion Literary Project (VLP), a student literary organization at the University of South Dakota under the advisement of Michelle Rogge Gannon, received the 2003 Board of Regents Award for Academic Excellence. Rogge Gannon, 1996 fellow, teaches English at the University of South Dakota.

Greater Houston Area Writing Project

Kelly Beauchamp, 1999 fellow, was named Exemplary Teacher of the Year by the Texas State Reading Association. Beauchamp also received the writing project site's Barbara Samual Award for accomplishments in teaching.

Northern Virginia Writing Project

Spencer Salas, 2000 fellow, was named Senior Fellow of the Month at the School for International Training. Spencer is the U.S. Department of State's Senior English Language Fellow in Peru.

Central Washington Writing Project

The following fellows were selected for the Range Finding and Scoring of Washington Assessment of Student Assessment in Writing: Teresa Torrance-Smith, 2001; Darla Keatley, 2001; and Becky Hill, 2002. Torrance-Smith teaches at Morgan Middle School in Ellensburg; Keatley teaches at Toppenish Alternative High School in Toppenish; and Hill teaches fifth grade at Thorp School in Thorp.

Bobby Cummings, director, was elected to the Executive Committee of NCTE's Conference on English Education Committee.

Bobby Cummings; Cecelia Carmack, co-director; Susan Johnson, co-director; Lisa Mckeen, 1993 fellow; and Darla Keatley, were appointed to the Washington State Writing Assessment Leadership Team. Carmack teaches fourth grade at Robert S. Lince Elementary in Selah; Johnson teaches third and fourth grade at Easton School in Easton; Mckeen teaches at Union Gap School in Union Gap; and Keatley teaches at Toppenish Alternative High School in Toppenish.
Mario Godoy Gonzalez, 2000 fellow, was awarded a $10,000 National Science Teachers Association/Toyota Tapestry Grant 2002 and a $2,500 Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction Teaching Excellence and Migrant Students Grant 2002. Godoy Gonzalez teaches at Royal High School in Royal City.

Puget Sound Writing Project
Jan Chappuis, 1981 fellow, coauthored Understanding School Assessment: A Parent and Community Guide to Helping Students Learn with Stephen Chappuis, addressing assessment issues in schools today with a special focus on the impact of classroom assessment on student achievement (OR: Assessment Training Institute, 2002).

Wyoming Writing Project

Diane Panozzo, 1994 fellow, received the 2003 Literary Arts Fellowship Award for poetry and $2,500 from the Wyoming Arts Council. Panozzo also coauthored "Challenging Writing Students in a Safe Environment" with Kelly Belanger, published in Teaching Academic Literacy: Helping Working Class and Unprepared Students Succeed in College English, edited by Carolyn Boiarsky (Heinemann-Boynton/Cook, 2003). Panozzo also read poetry at the "Lights of Laramie" writers reading event on April 5 at the University of Wyoming's Art Museum. Panozzo teaches at Cheyenne East High School in Cheyenne.

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