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Person on the Street

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 8, No. 3
Date: May-June 2003

Summary: NWP Spring Meeting 2003 participants were asked what they would take back to their sites or classroom based on their experience in Washington, D.C.


Question from The Voice: What will you take back with you—either to your site or to your classroom—from your experience in Washington, D.C.?

"I'm taking back a sense of the very real backing that our work has in Congress. Our meetings in representatives' offices had more depth and range than in previous years, and support was pledged for the writing project almost unanimously."
Julie Conason, teacher-consultant, New York City Writing Project

"I'm looking forward to talking to our teacher-consultants about [the experience of the spring meeting] and how it all works . . . meeting with aides, signing onto the "Dear Colleague" letter . . . all of it."
Claire Lamonica, co-director, Illinois State Writing Project

"I went on several [congressional office visits] with Sandy LaBry from the National Writing Project of Acadiana and, over the course of the day, got to know her. The fact that you get to know the people with whom you work—even colleagues from another part of your own state—is a great part of the NWP Spring Meeting . . . that and the cherry blossoms."
Richard Louth, director, Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project

"For me, it's the experience of being with people of a like mind-set. It's nice to be with all of these teachers, many of whom are on the same level—[all of us] looking for ways to empower our students to excel, for workshop strategies that will help our students learn to love writing, for ideas that will help our students succeed."
Vanessa McNorton, teacher-consultant, Chicago Area Writing Project

"For me, as a new director, the material from Inverness [Research Associates] has been incredibly helpful. It has helped me understand the statistics, the evaluations, how we can use the information to communicate externally—how everything fits together."
Diane Penrod, director, National Writing Project at Rowan University, New Jersey

"I am excited to tell people at my site about the successful meetings we had with our senators and representatives—all of whom seemed supportive. Three of the four people we talked with had prior knowledge of the National Writing Project."
Helen Sitler, co-director, Southcentral Pennsylvania Writing Project

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