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NWP Writing Strand at NCTE: Because Writing Matters

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 8, No. 4
Date: Fall 2003

Summary: On Saturday, November 22, 2003, the NCTE Annual Convention will feature a strand of sessions by NWP presenters on writing. Further details about the sessions are available online.


On Saturday, November 22, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Annual Convention will feature a strand of sessions by National Writing Project presenters on writing. Listed below are the individual sessions and their presenters. Further details on the strand will be available at the NCTE website this fall.

Uses of Writing Across Content Areas.

In this session participants will explore the impact of the National Writing Project on content area writing and share writing activities in science, mathematics, social studies, and athletics.

Presenter: Bob Tierney, Bay Area Writing Project, University of California (UC), Berkeley. Chair: Laury Fischer, Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill.

Uses of Writing in Challenging Classrooms.

Teaching academic writing is less challenging when teachers and students can see real writing improvement. Join teachers from the California Writing Project who have developed new tools—elementary and secondary writing improvement rubrics—that help teachers and students recognize and document improvement, demystify for students what to work on next, and give teachers assessment information on which to base sound instructional decisions.

Presenters: Jayne Marlink, California Writing Project, UC Berkeley; Dawn Imamoto, Cara Mendoza, Brooke Nicolls, and Bobbie Williams, Area 3 Writing Project, UC Davis; Julie Minnis, Central California Writing Project, UC Santa Cruz; Teresa Pitta, UC Merced Writing Project; Marlene Carter and Adriana Reyes, UCLA Writing Project; Phyllis Dinwiddie, Inland Area Writing Project, UC Riverside. Chair: Adela Arriaga, UC Berkeley and San Francisco Unified School District.

Uses of Reflective Writing in Reforming Schools.

This session will describe and demonstrate philosophies, strategies, and protocols for reflective writing by administrators, teachers, and students in a reform context.

Presenter: Joseph Check, Boston Writing Project, University of Massachusetts, Boston. Chair: Helen Ying, English Language Center, Hayward Unified School District, Hayward, California.

Uses of Writing in Teaching Reading.

Both teachers and researchers recognize that there are connections between reading and writing, but how does writing support reading? In this session, participants will examine the milestones in three young children's literacy development in order to see how children use reading and writing in mutually supportive ways as they move from emergent reading and writing to fluent reading and writing.

Presenter: Gail Tompkins, San Joaquin Valley Writing Project, California State University, Fresno. Chair: Kathy Rosebrock, University of San Francisco and Novato Unified School District.

Uses of Writing in Teaching English Language Learners.

Most high school English learners live in a beat-the-clock world, one their teachers share. Will these students attain advanced writing proficiency in their new language before they graduate?  What can teachers do to facilitate the process? This hands-on workshop will look at the writing of students still very much in the process of acquiring English, analyze what they are already able to do, and point to likely next steps.

Presenter: Faye Peitzman, UCLA Writing Project. Chair: Rebeca Garcia-Gonzalez, California State University, Sacramento.

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