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Changes Ahead for The Voice and The Quarterly

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 8, No. 5
Date: 2003

Summary: Among other changes, both The Quarterly and The Voice will look toward a greater mix of articles and will focus more on practicality...


With an eye to better serving its network and readers, the National Writing Project is making changes to both of its regular publications, The Voice and The Quarterly, in the coming year. The changes, which will affect everything from look to content to publication schedule, will occur over a period of time, with some changes being more noticeable than others.

Among the more obvious changes will be that to The Voice publication schedule. Beginning in 2004, The Voice will be published four times a year instead of five. With this shift, although The Voice will continue to serve as a vehicle for advertising and celebrating network news and events, the website will take on greater responsibility as the source for the most up-to-the-moment network news.

Both The Voice and The Quarterly (which as its name suggests will continue to be published four times a year) will be looking toward a greater mix of articles both short and long. More substantive than this, however, the content over both publications will focus on practicality.

"We're looking to make the content immediately applicable to the work teachers are doing," Amy Bauman, managing editor of both The Voice and The Quarterly said recently in regard to the changes. "Ideally, each piece will give the reader something to take away."

"Changes to The Voice and The Quarterly are part of a larger plan to improve communication and dissemination across the organization," NWP Communications Director Roxanne Barber added. "This effort will include improvements to the NWP website and NWPi, our interactive online community."

One aspect of the publications that will remain the same, however, is the price. For $20 a year, readers will receive both The Quarterly and The Voice. Although in the past an associate of the NWP has also included a 20% discount on books and/or a free title at sign-up, these promotions are no longer running. For more information on becoming a regular reader of NWP publications, go to the NWP website.

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