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Awards and Accolades

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 8, No. 5
Date: 2003

Bay Area Writing Project

Kathy Rosebrock, 1998 fellow, was named Marin County Teacher of the Year. Rosebrock received a state recognition plaque from Senator John Burton’s and Assemblyman Joe Nation’s offices.

Colorado State University Writing Project

Tiffany J. Hunt and Bud Hunt, 2003 fellows, have been named editors of the English Journal New Voices column. The column is devoted to exploring the questions, frustrations, and successes of beginning career teachers through a variety of perspectives.

Denver Writing Project
Tracy Stegall, co-director, published “Viewing the Scores and Valuing the Writers” in the September 2003 issue of Communicator (27) 1: 12-14, 21 (Colorado Council of the International Reading Association, 2003).

Delaware Writing Project

Sue Moody, 1999 fellow, received National Board certification in Adolescence and Young Adulthood English Language Arts in November 2002.

Dawn Rehstrom, 2001 fellow, was awarded a fellowship by The English Speaking Union to study Shakespeare at The Globe in London for four weeks this summer.

Janice Trainer, 2000 fellow, won the 2003 Governor’s Marine Science Teacher-of-the-Year Award. The award recognizes an outstanding Delaware teacher who demonstrates a strong commitment to educating students about marine and coastal resources. The winner is selected based on four criteria: creativity, innovation, quality of teaching, and impact on students.

District of Columbia
District of Columbia Area Writing Project

Elizabeth A. Davis, 1995 fellow, had “Marching on John Philip Sousa” published in Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teaching, edited by Deborah Menkart, Alana Murray, Jenice View (Teaching for Change, 2003).

Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project

An article about the writing project site, “Summer Writing Program Puts Teachers in Learning Role,” was published in the Six Cities section of the Marietta Daily Journal (6/18/03).

Northwest Indiana Writing Project

Carolyn Boiarsky, director, edited Academic Literacy in the English Classroom: Helping Underprepared and Working-Class Students Succeed in College (Heinemann-Boynton/Cook, August 2003). Boiarsky also wrote three chapters in the book. In chapter 2, “Learning to Learn: Helping Students Become Independent Thinkers,” Boiarsky includes lesson plans from writing project fellows: Mary Yorke (1996) and Mark Lehnerer (1999) of Munster High School; Chad Bush (2000) of Crown Point High School; and Jim McCall (2000) of Valparaiso High School.

Western Kentucky University Writing Project

Stacy Arndell Higgs, 1998 fellow, and Thomas Moudry, 1999 fellow, published a book entitled Women of the Woods (Elmore, 2003). The book is a series of short stories that center around the fantasy art work of Larry Elmore.

Louisiana State University Writing Project

Joan Gaudet, 1993 fellow, received the Faye Hutchinson Award at the annual Louisiana State University Writing Project Convocation on June 1, 2003. The award is given each year to a teacher who demonstrates dedication, excellence, and leadership in the teaching of writing. Gaudet teaches at Allemands Elementary School in Des Allemands.

Western Massachusetts Writing Project

Charles Moran, director, received the Outstanding Technology Innovator 2003 Award by the Committee on Computers in Composition and Communication at the Computers and Composition Annual Conference at Purdue University on May 23, 2003.

Crossroads Writing Project

Jami Blaauw Hara had “Teaching One-Handed” published in Community College Week (May 12, 2003).

Marla K. Houghteling, 2002 fellow, had her poem, “Grading Papers on 70 West,” published in the March 2003 issue of the Montserrat Review. Houghteling also received a Creative Artist Grant from ArtServe Michigan in conjunction with the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs to work on a novel.

Jaye Lynn Trapp was named 2003 Teacher of the Year by the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce. Trapp teaches fourth grade at Central Grade School in Traverse City.

Eastern Michigan Writing Project
Rebecca Bowers Sipe, co-director, published They Still Can’t Spell?: Understanding and Supporting Challenged Spellers in Middle and High School in collaboration with Dawn Putnam, 1997 fellow; Karen Reed-Nordwall, 1999 fellow; Tracy Rosewarne, 1998 fellow; and Jennifer Walsh, 1994 fellow (Heinemann, 2003).

Red Cedar Writing Project
Janet Swenson, director, had “Transformative Teacher Networks, On-Line Professional Development, and the Write for Your Life Project” published in the July 2003 issue of English Education (35) 4.

Pennsylvania Writing and Literature Project

Lynne Dorfman, co-director, had “Empowering” published in Young Adult Literature in the Classroom: Reading It, Teaching It, Loving It, edited by Joan Elliott and Mary Dupuis (International Reading Association, February 2002). Dorfman also received the Golden Lamp Award and Distinguished Achievement Award for Books 2003 for her book.

Renee Martin, 2001 fellow, had “Web Reading: Linking Text and Technology” published in the Teaching Ideas section of the May 2003 issue of The Reading Teacher (International Reading Association, 2003).

Teresa M. Morretta, 1996 fellow, and Michelle Ambrosini, 2001 fellow, published Poetry Workshop for Middle School: Activities That Inspire Meaningful Language Learning (International Reading Association, 2003).

South Texas Writing Project

Carol Brochin, 1999 fellow, received the 2003 Scholars for the Dream Travel Award from the Conference on College Composition and Communication.

Puget Sound Writing Project

Judy Norris Handy, 2002 fellow, and John Hellwich, 1989 fellow, received National Board certification.

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