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Future Faulkners of America: Writing from the Rural Sites

Publication: The Quarterly, Vol. 17, No. 3
Date: Summer 1995

Summary: National Writing Project rural sites director Ann Dobie offers four pieces of writing by students in rural West Virginia middle schools: Mike McWhorter, Erin Kalbaugh, Leann Bennett, and Tiffany Danelle Arthur. The brief essays, which explore situations and describe settings unfamiliar to most city folk, give a vivid experience of their writers' lives and personalities.



Just mention 'West Virginia' in such places as New York or any other large metropolitan area and the response you get is, 'The state has nothing but hillbillies.' People figure if they're going to move to West Virginia, it's time to trade in the Honda for a truck, trade in the cellular phone for a shotgun and give up such conveniences as running water and indoor bathrooms.

Mike McWhorter, Grade 12

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