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Rejoining the Learning Circle: When Inservice Providers Conduct Research

June 2011
In this article, a group of inservice providers and beginning researchers describe their experiences in learning to conduct evaluation research on a long-term school-university partnership program. They offer the practical lessons they learned in how to undertake such a study, and share the immediate and powerful effects that the process of conducting the research had on the way they envision and enact their inservice work. More ›

Philadelphia Writing Project Teachers Create a Pedagogy of Facilitation

April 2011
Christina Puntel, Carol Rose
Teacher-consultants from the Philadelphia Writing Project have collected some promising facilitation practices in a handbook so that they can better facilitate complex professional development. More ›

Developing and Sustaining Long-Term School Partnerships

December 2010
The following case studies offer an in-depth look at high school and elementary school partnerships at several Writing Project sites. More ›

Planning for Study Groups: An Advanced Institute at the NWP in Vermont

June 2010
Patricia McGonegal
NWP in Vermont site leaders are committed to building inservice programs to meet the increasingly diverse professional development needs of teachers and schools in the state. A key part of this effort is providing teacher-leaders with resources, time for learning, and coaching to support them as inservice providers. More ›

Creating a Culture of Inquiry Through the Use of Model Lessons

January 2010
Suzanne Linebarger
Suzanne Linebarger, associate director of the Northern California Writing Project, describes how the site conducts an inservice program of model lessons that supports collective teacher inquiry into key concepts in teaching reading and writing. More ›

NWP at Rutgers: What We've Learned About School Partnerships

January 2009
NWP at Rutgers director Kim Lanza shares some lessons learned at the site as it developed inservice partnerships. More ›

Students Write Tabloid Tabulations in a Math Gossip Magazine

November 2008
Tom Murray, Joe Bellacero
Eighth grade math teacher Tom Murray and on-site teacher-consultant Joe Bellacero recount their innovative collaboration: they have Murray's students write gossip tabloid articles about math topics, which heightens the students' engagement, increases their understanding of math, and develops their writing skills. More ›

Continuity in the Rhode Island Writing Project: Keeping Teachers at the Center

National Writing Project at Work, 2008
Susan Ozbek, Keith Sanzen, Marjorie Roemer, Susan Vander Does
The Presenters’ Collective Network (PCN) began as a support for teacher-consultants in developing workshops for inservice, but the Rhode Island Writing Project quickly discovered unintended purposes that strengthened the site’s continuity program. Susan Ozbek, Marjorie Roemer, Keith Sanzen, and Susan Vander Does detail how PCN functions along with the tools that help to sustain it. More ›

Supporting On-Site Teacher-Consultants: New York City Writing Project’s Community of Learners

National Writing Project at Work, 2008
Ed Osterman
Ed Osterman demonstrates how sustained and regular professional development for on-site teacher-consultants not only benefits the teachers in the schools they serve, but also nurtures intellectual and personal growth at the New York City Writing Project. The monograph provides approaches and tools that can be adapted by local sites to support ongoing professional development for teacher-consultants. More ›

Study Groups Build Community in Vermont Site's Inservice Offerings

July 2008
Supported by a Rural Sites Network (RSN) minigrant, the NWP of Vermont harnesses the power of teacher-student groups as an important model for teacher-consultant-led professional development in schools. More ›

Literacy Coaches Explore Their Work Through Vignettes

June 2008
Carrie Usui
What is the work of a literacy coach? During a weekend retreat funded by an Urban Sites Network minigrant, twelve UCLA Writing Project teacher-consultants serving as literacy coaches explored this question. More ›

Oklahoma Site Helps Community College Adjuncts Address Burning Questions

July 2007
Community college adjunct faculty members tend to have limited collegial support, so, funded by an Urban Sites Network minigrant, the Oklahoma State University Writing Project designed a mini-institute for adjunct faculty at Tulsa Community College to help foster a growing professional learning community at the college. More ›

ELL Professional Development Adapts to New Bilingual Education Legislation

July 2007
Gavin Tachibana
A Massachusetts state law bans teaching children in their own language. So Western Massachusetts Writing Project's ELL professionals threw teachers a lifeline—a course full of strategies and insights, based on their years of experience. More ›

One Idea—Many Audiences

May 2007
Ann Dobie
Dobie describes how she transformed a graduate research paper on teaching spelling into an academic conference presentation, a professional development workshop, a journal article, and then a book. More ›

Statewide and District Professional Development in Standards: Addressing Teacher Equity

National Writing Project at Work, 2006
Richard Koch, Laura Roop, Gail Setter
Koch and Roop present a model of standards-based professional development drawing on their experience developing statewide standards in Michigan. Setter describes the implementation of the model in one school district. More ›

Four New Monographs Published for the NWP at Work Models of Inservice Series

The Voice, 2005
Four monographs in NWP's Models of Inservice series describe inservice models that grew out of Project Outreach, which supports sites in developing programs to reach teachers of students in communities impacted by poverty. More ›

Oklahoma's Marshall Plan: Combining Professional Development and Summer Writing Camps

National Writing Project At Work, March 2005
Eileen Simmons
How writing project teacher-consultants and site-based teachers collaborated to plan professional development before, during, and after a summer writing camp. More ›

Southside Elementary Writing Focus: Site-Based Leadership Reforms the Writing Curriculum

National Writing Project At Work, March 2005
Nancy Remington, Robert McGinty
The story of an inquiry-centered approach to professional development, designed and led by teachers, that could be a model for any school. More ›

The Professional Leadership Development Project

National Writing Project At Work, March 2005
Zsa Boykin, Jennifer Scrivner, Sarah Robbins
The authors describe a flexible model for promoting teacher leadership within urban schools. This monograph outlines both the individual inservice projects and the framework for leadership development that emerged from the inquiry. More ›

The Saginaw Teacher Study Group Movement: From Pilot to Districtwide Study Groups in Four Years

National Writing Project At Work, March 2005
Mary Weaver, Mary Calliari, Janet Rentsch
The authors describe a districtwide approach to teacher-led study groups that resulted in significant changes in teacher practice and student learning as well as leadership development among teacher facilitators. More ›

The Writing Project and Tulsa Schools Collaborate for School Reform That Works

The Voice, 2004
Eileen Simmons
Simmons reports on how writing project inservice can support local reform efforts by centering on pedagogy and designing a program around teacher questions and concerns. More ›

Walking in Our Students' Shoes: Reading Teachers and the Writing Project Model

The Quarterly, 2004
Peter Kittle
Kittle recounts his experience with reading teachers—in all disciplines—who are also learning and practicing new reading strategies to advance learning in their classrooms. More ›

Teaching After the Summer Institute

The Voice, May-June 2003
Nick Maneno
After attending a summer institute, Maneno meets with his school administrators to share the potency of the NWP model. He recounts the successes and challenges he faces as he shares what he learned. More ›

On-Site Consulting: New York City Writing Project

National Writing Project at Work, November 2002
Nancy Mintz, Alan Stein, Marcie Wolfe
Nancy Mintz and Alan L. Stein, teacher-consultants from the New York City Writing Project, describe their experiences with weekly on-site consulting in teaching writing at a middle school and with literacy-based school reform at a high school. Introduction by Marcie Wolfe. More ›

Story of SCORE: The MS Writing/Thinking Institute Takes on a Statewide Reading Initiative

National Writing Project At Work, November 2002
Lynette Herring-Harris, Cassandria Hansbrough
Lynette Herring-Harris and Cassandria B. Hansbrough narrate the story of a Mississippi statewide secondary reading inservice that they developed, designed, and implemented for teachers of all subjects. More ›

The Fledgling Years: Lessons from the First Four Years of the NWP in Vermont

National Writing Project at Work, November 2002
Patricia McGonegal, Anne Watson
Authors Patricia McGonegal and Anne Watson, founders of a new writing project site, chronicle their first five years, focusing on the development of school-based inservice. They document the first years of their site, describing the role the site filled in the state, the first summer institute, funding matters, collaborations, and the successes and pitfalls of early professional development. More ›

The Johnston Area Writing Partnership

National Writing Project at Work, November 2002
Ruie Pritchard, Sandra O'Berry, Patsy Butler
Authors Butler, O'Berry, and Pritchard recount how they have established and maintained a district-based satellite writing project an hour's distance from the NWP site. More ›

Sowing Seeds for the Future: Outreach at the Maryland Writing Project

The Voice, March-April 2001
Christina Dushel
A description of how the Maryland Writing Project successfully used redeemable "coupons" to increase enrollment in their workshops and inservice programs. More ›

The Limitations of Partnership

The Voice, March-April 2001
GibAnn Tam
Developing relationships with schools and districts is often a slow and intricate process. GibAnn Tam describes some challenges faced by the Little Rock Writing Project. More ›

Experiments in Reading and Writing

The Quarterly, Winter 2001
Nancy Wilson
Wilson documents a collaboration between the New York City Writing Project and an overcrowded inner city high school. The model makes use of an on–site teacher–consultant. More ›

Teachers at the Center: A Memoir of the Early Years of the National Writing Project

The Quarterly, Fall 2000
James Gray
An excerpt from Teachers at the Center by National Writing Project founder James Gray. More ›

Do Workshops Work?

The Quarterly, Winter 2000
Kathleen O'Shaughnessy
O'Shaughnessy cuts to the quick of workshop presentation: It isn't about another "big fat handout" but about helping teachers find their own way—"the essence of teacher empowerment." More ›

Imaginary Gardens and Real Issues: Improving Language Arts in the Urban Elementary School

The Quarterly, Winter 2000
Joe Check
Using the form of a hypothetical narrative, Check argues that improved literacy instruction is inextricably linked to improved schools, and that the NWP is an ideal vehicle for helping urban schools build needed exemplary contexts. More ›

Inservice for Administrators: Implementing Writing Across the Curriculum in Window Rock

The Quarterly, Summer 1991
Suzanne Bratcher, Dorothea C. Lincoln, Roger Shor, Elizabeth Stroble
The authors describe an across–the–curriculum workshop for administrators which "transformed the writing across the curriculum effort from a series of isolated grass–roots attempts to change education practice into a concerted team effort." More ›

Learning from Mistakes

The Quarterly, Summer 1990
William Strong
Strong takes a hard look at why presentations falter and suggests some strategies for self–evaluation and improvement. More ›

How Teachers Teach Teachers

The Quarterly, July 1987
Mary Ann Smith
Smith focuses on the qualities of a successful presentation: selectivity, attention to theory, inclusion of student models, active participation by the teacher audience, and reflection on what has happened. More ›

Remarks for a Workshop

The Quarterly, March 1986
Lee Davis
Davis emphasizes the importance in a successful workshop of collaboration, interaction, and the formation of a writing community. More ›

Writing Problems Across the Curriculum

The Quarterly, November 1981
Toby Fulwiler
Fulwiler contrasts the writing problems that teachers of elementary school, high school, and college writing identify, finding some are age related and others are vague and diverse labels that identify similar problems. More ›

Inservice Must Be Teacher Centered

The Quarterly, November 1979
Leslie Whipp
Whipp argues that if the NWP model remains teacher centered it "may allow us to avoid our own obsolescence . . . and take advantage of a model that fosters cooperation among schools, universities, and governmental agencies." More ›

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