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Leaving A Trail: Beginning With the End in Mind

The Journal of the Virginia Writing Project, September 2011
Jim Davis, a teacher with the Northern Virginia Writing Project, describes his attempt to improve his students' writing by leading them away from circular endings and towards following "breadcrumbs." More ›

Students Write Novels—in 30 Days

May 2011
Art Peterson
The National Novel Writing Month's Young Writers Program makes writing fun for students because of, not despite, its audacious goal: kids must pen a novel in a month. More ›

A Thousand Writers Writing: Seeking Change through the Radical Practice of Writing as a Way of Being

July 2010
Robert Yagelski
Robert Yagelski, director of the New York Capital District Writing Project, discusses the transformative power of writing as an act in and of itself as he reevaluates the traditional motivations for teaching writing in schools. Yagelski won the 2010 Janet Emig Award from NCTE for this article, given for exemplary scholarship in an article published in English Education. More ›

Book Review: The Digital Writing Workshop

February 2010
Ken Martin
Ken Martin, technology liaison with the Maine Writing Project, says this book's emphasis on connecting writing workshops to technology tools will alleviate the fear or preoccupation with which many teachers approach new media. More ›

Teaching Labs and Teacher-Leaders

January 2010
Michael Weller
Michael Weller, a teacher-consultant with the Los Angles Writing Project, details the multifaceted opportunities the writing project has provided him: a chance to teach in a young writers camp, a classroom focused on writing workshop principles, and a role as a faculty leader. More ›

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